Friday, September 14, 2018


This is my art work that I crated by google drawing and it is about punctuation.
I choose it because it was about  punctuation and spelling and it was quite easy to do.

Friday, August 31, 2018

Smart learners voki dog

Here is my voki.
We are learning to critique with voki.
I think you should look at
I made this voki.
This is was a fun experiences for me to do voki.
Next time i would like to chose a different character and maybe change the color of the next charter I next time chose.

By Milani

Friday, July 6, 2018

My leaf poem

My leaf poem

My leaf is small with light varies a little cure down at the bottom.
It smells like the earth and it also has a musty smell too.
It’s colors are brown and a cardboard color and with a little bit of orange at the bottom.
There is a long cardboard line down the middle of the leaf.
This little leaf has two little cures on both sides of it.

At the top has got a pointy part and then it start to grow big then go back to small.

Friday, June 29, 2018

My shell

My shell

This shell is sort of round, big, there is a part which is really dark pink.
It starts of smooth then end up rough, at the end of the shell it has a pasty white colour.
It has square patterns, also a little bit cold.
Starting of with a big area then going to a small area.
My shell has brown strikes it is also white with a faded purple marks.


Tuesday, June 19, 2018

The four humans

Plot: lived happily ever after
Settings: house and forest
Charters: mummy daddy and 2 kids Narrator:
Once upon a time out in the forest there was a house.
Child:A house won’t they live in the city?
Narrator: Um they got kicked out and had the live out in the
Child: OK chary on.
Narrator: So the four of them walked and spotted the house
out in the woods and they went and
made it their home.
Child: Wait wait didn’t you say forest why are you calling it
Narrator: Well the forest and wood mean the same thing OK!
Child: Oh.
Narrator: Um where was I … oh yeah they had to make lots of
improvements until there house
is able to hold them all.
Child: Wait wait how were they able to repair the house if they
got kicked out?
Narrator: If you will be quiet for the rest of the book I will tell
you OK.
Child: OK.
Narrator: When they got kick out some stuff of their came with
them like tools and clothes and
that is all.
Narrator: Back to where I was before I got  interrupted by
someone so now they had to have
lunch because the building sure made them hungry and when
they looked in the fridge and
cupboard there was lots of food.
Child: Sorry but I have to ask why was there lots of food in the
fridge and cupboard?
Narrator: Well the first owner die before he could have the food
and no one would ever go in
that house.
Narrator: Now please be quiet and you can talk all you want at
the end of the story OK.
Child: OK.
Narrator: They ate and ate and for a long story short they
lived happily ever after in there
house and never ran out of food I mean never ran out and
\they grew older and older and they
had kids but that's another story.
Child: Where did they get the food from?
Narrator: The diary of course.
Narrator: I will tell you in a different story OK.
Child: OK.
Child: But you have to tell me OK.
Narrator: OK.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

My Pepeha

Here is my pepeha that I made

Tuesday, June 5, 2018

About me

We are learning to embed a drawing into our blog. I found it easy to embed this drawing.
These are some facts about me and I love how I made this work.
Next time I would of added a fairy tail charters if  only i knew we could have done that.